JoJo Fletcher Gets Parodied by Kristen Wiig & It's Spot-On

Think you know JoJo? Meet her alter ego! Kristen Wiig impersonated Bachelorette star JoJo Fletcher on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night, and girlfriend nailed it.


Wiig came onstage as JoJo herself, wearing a replica of the almost-iconic glittery gold gown that this season's Bachelorette wore in the opening episode. She totally mastered JoJo's mannerism of touching her hair like crazy, and it hilariously continued throughout the entire bit.

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She also clarified her name (JoJosephina, in case you were wondering), and got down to business about what really happens in the fantasy suites ... she claimed, "That's where I go on dates and we close the door. Sometimes we kiss a little or we, like, rub each other ... It's a show so we have to pretend, but sometimes we go all the way."

We also loved when she gave Ben Higgins the what for, after he left her heartbroken for Lauren Bushnell last season on The Bachelor. "I loved him," Wiig said (as JoJo). "Ben, you know, we went through a lot. You promised me things. I just feel hurt ... and look at me now!"

Plus the nicknames she gave the final four contestants were pretty spectacular. We can't wait to find out if the Real JoJo ended up picking Scotchy, Mark Hamill, Deucey, or Korn.

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Speaking of the Real JoJo -- how did she feel about Wiig's parody? She loved it. After the segment aired, she responded to a tweet from Jimmy, and said she thought it was amazing.


Image via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

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