Sean Lowe Gave Wife Catherine a Whopper of a Push Present

Catherine and Sean LoweExpectant moms, if ever you wanted your partner to give you a post-delivery gift (or "push gift"), listen up. Bachelor star Sean Lowe gifted Catherine Lowe an unbelievable "push present" that will blow your mind.


(And we're not talking about a foot rub or a new pair of shoes.)

Neil Lane, jeweler to the stars, revealed to People that the 32-year-old new dad had a 2-carat diamond band (in rose gold no less) made for Catherine:

Sean really, really wanted to do something very special to celebrate the birth of their child, but he didn't know exactly what to do.

We thought of creating something that would match her rose gold diamond wedding band — a beautiful, romantic, symbolic band to stack beside it to celebrate the baby.

Man, talk about a push gift -- sheesh!

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While most of us would likely settle for a good night's rest, a turkey sandwich, and a glass of wine, there's nothing wrong with doing a little extra for the person you love. (If you have the financial means, do you.)

It's pretty obvious that Sean was excited about becoming a dad and wanted to show wife Catherine how grateful he is for her carrying their son, Samuel.

A 2-carat rose gold diamond ring.

Must. Be. Nice.

(Hopefully, no other men feel pressure to do the same for their ladies, ha.)


Image via Nancy Rivera/Splash News

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