Jenelle Evans Lashes Out at MTV Yet Again

She is not happy! Jenelle Evans lashed out at MTV again, but this time it wasn't for bad editing on Teen Mom 2. The 24-year-old was upset that MTV asked her to promote her mom's special, Being Barbara, even though Barbara totally trashed her daughter in it.


Barbara Evans spent a good portion of her special on Monday night complaining about Jenelle's ability to parent her son Jace full-time, thanks in large part to her crappy boyfriends.

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Jenelle is currently dating David Eason, and while she says it's the best relationship she's ever been in, Babs thinks otherwise. "She's got another new controlling boyfriend, who I think out of all of them is really the worst of the worst," she spilled to a show producer.

She also said that she has to do "what's best for Jace," regarding their custody battle, and when she and Jenelle got into a yelling match over the phone, she screamed at her daughter to dump her "a**hole boyfriends."

Jenelle was none too pleased with how MTV portrayed her, especially after she had promoted the show for her mom, so she took to Twitter to rip the network a new one. In the now-deleted tweets, Jace and Kaiser's mom reportedly wrote, "Never promoting for another show unless I've saw the episode first @MTV makes me look so f**king stupid all time."

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She continued, "Honestly haven't saw the #BeingBarbara special but to promote a show that mainly talked s**t about me with my own blood? Wow. Disappointed."

We don't blame her for being mad a bit, and we can't help but wonder if this will finally be it for her with the Teen Mom franchise. She's hinted about wanting to quit, but this might have been the last straw.

Then again, we highly doubt it.


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