Don't Expect Farrah Abraham to Pop Out Another Kid Anytime Soon

She's been talking about wanting a second child for a while, but Farrah Abraham definitely does not want to be pregnant again. The Teen Mom OG star posted a meme to Instagram on Monday, and made it totally clear that she's not about to give birth to another human being.


Check out Farrah's social media declaration that she intends to remain without child (for the time being at least).


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She couldn't have said it any louder if she screamed it on Snapchat. We get it, Farrah -- you're so not ready to be pregnant again! However, that doesn't necessarily mean she won't give Sophia a sibling.

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Farrah has been vocal about her plans to adopt another child, and has even stated that she'd maybe like a 3-year-old girl. We hate to break it to Farrah that that's not exactly how adoption works (is that what she thinks Babies R Us does?), but she's never exactly been one with reality.

Regardless, if Farrah does end up with a second kiddo, we're pretty sure it won't be the fruit of her own loins. She apparently really, really doesn't want to be pregnant again.


Image via farrah_abraham/Instagram

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