MTV's 'Being Barbara' Special Was Everything We Hoped for & More

She's still searching for her sea captain! MTV aired a special on Barbara Evans this week, and the Teen Mom 2 star is apparently single and ready to mingle. Cameras followed Jenelle Evans's mom as she focused on the two things that really keep her going in life -- finding a dinner companion and, of course, arguing with her daughter over custody of Jace.


In the season 7 reunion special with Dr. Drew, Babs let it drop that she had joined Tinder and was looking for a gentleman friend with a boat. Apparently that's still a priority for her, because on Being Barbara, she told her friend and Teen Mom producer Kristen exactly what she hopes to find in a man.

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Are you ready to hear about Barbara's dream guy? He is apparently between 55 and 65 years old, moderately intelligent without being too smart that she can't keep up, and has all of his teeth and good hygiene, but he doesn't have to shave his balls. Babs doesn't care if it's all the rage, it's just unimportant to her. This fellow can also be a little overweight, but he better not have "old saggy skin," and of course having a big yacht is a major bonus in Barbara's world.

She also discussed her dating life with Jenelle, and said that she's not looking for a relationship per se, but, you know, maybe more of a "friends with benefits" situation. Jenelle informed her that having someone to go to dinner with and possibly engage in sexual relations with was called dating, and also suggested that she might have a better time with it if she finally gave up custody of Jace.

Of course Babs doesn't want to give Jenelle custody of her son, which frustrated her immensely. In another scene, she explained why she's keeping Jace to herself, and it's basically because she can't stand Jenelle's boyfriends. She said, "I have to do what's best for Jace. Do you think I really wanted to give up my senior years taking care of this child? I may be in my 60s, but I still know how to have fun."

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Jenelle called her later and they had another argument screaming match about it, and Barbara told her daughter to "grow up" and "get rid" of her "a--hole boyfriends."

All in all, Being Barbara was exactly what we love about the prickly and outspoken reality star. We really do hope she finds her sea captain.


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