Jordan Rodgers's Relationship With His Brother Is More Strained Than We Thought

Since The Bachelorette kicked off earlier this summer, contestant Jordan Rodgers has been one to watch -- and not just because he immediately caught JoJo Fletcher's eye. While some say he's on the show exclusively for fame, it's clear he already has a little of it, and it's all thanks to his famous bro. On Monday night's episode, Jordan finally opened up about his relationship with Aaron, and what he had to say was a little surprising.


When JoJo and Jordan finally got a chance to talk one-on-one, he came clean about his relationship with his brother, Aaron, and what he had to say was really shocking. After the guys have mocked him for having a famous, football-playing bro all season long, we can't imagine it was easy for him to lay it all out there like that! 

If you missed it, here's what Jordan (who also has another brother, Luke) said: 

Me and Aaron don't really have that much of a relationship. It's just kind of the way he's chosen to do life, and I chose to stay close to my family, and my parents, and my brother. It's not ideal, and I love him, and I can't imagine what it's like to be in his shoes and have the pressure he has and the demands from people that he has. I don't have hard feelings against him, it's just how things go right now.

Whoa! We definitely didn't see that coming. Okay, maybe we did -- Jordan's stayed pretty tight-lipped about his brother (and the rest of his family) all season long, so that's always seemed a little fishy. But really, we just thought he didn't want to use that card to get ahead. And we have so many questions. What happened? Why aren't they talking? We need to know! 

But still, things are so bad that they aren't even talking? That's gotta be rough.

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And we guess Jordan's confession means JoJo and Aaron won't be crossing paths -- and that Aaron likely had nothing to do with helping Jordan get on The Bachelorette in the first place, if anyone was still wondering about that. 

We still doubt Jordan's intentions, but it was cool of him to open up to JoJo like that ... even though it's kind of necessary, since we're getting down to the wire here. It's a bummer that he and his brother are no longer close, but maybe that'll change in the future. 

Now we have to wonder if Aaron will release a statement in response. Probably not, but would it be the first time Bach started a little family drama? 


Image via Rick Rowell/ABC

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