'Bachelorette' JoJo Fletcher's Proposal Sounds Like a Hot Mess

Jo Jo Fletcher spoiler proposal

Bachelorette fans know that they're almost always going to be promised a "shocking" season finale, but this one might really take the cake -- or the rose, as the case may be. Spoiler alert: Supposedly, JoJo Fletcher's potentially picture-perfect proposal was a hot mess -- literally.


According to OK!, temperatures were soaring at the proposal site, making it uncomfortably warm -- to the point that outfits had to be changed multiple times -- but it sounds like emotions were also running hot as JoJo's suitors each had their own issues to confront.

A source claims that one fellow (whose name isn't being shared) attempts to propose but JoJo shoots him down. Ouch. And, here's the worst part: She does it after he's gotten down on bended knee, making it that much more painful to watch.

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Well, if she turns that guy down, does she get her happily-ever-after with the last man standing? Not so much, if this source is to be believed. Reportedly, her final pick has a behind-the-scenes freak-out over his "commitment issues" and it's unclear if the two are even still engaged.

Does all this make it the most shocking finale ever? We'll have to tune in to judge for ourselves. But even with the bumper crop of Bachelor babies born this year, let's remember that rarely is the road to reality TV love smoothly paved. As much as we're rooting for the Texan to leave with the love of her life, history tells us it's never that easy, and if it were, then that would truly be shocking.


Image via Craig Sjodin/ABC

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