Nathan Griffith May Have Just Gotten Dumped -- Surprise, Surprise

Nathan Griffith may have moved on from Jenelle Evans, but not for long! It sounds like Jessica Henry may have dumped Nathan, but is it really any wonder that their relationship didn't last? 


According to a new report from Radar Online, Jessica has finally decided to cut Nathan loose after over a year of dating. So what went wrong in their romance? Unfortunately, the source close to the couple didn't supply any details other than the fact that they're no longer together.

But there were tons of factors that could have contributed to a breakup, including but not limited to Nathan's dramatic relationship with Jenelle, which involves court dates and what seems like a lot of fighting. Maybe Jessica got tired of it ... or maybe it was the Teen Mom cameras? Either way, it sounds like she's decided to split.

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And as Radar pointed out, Nathan wasted no time catching up with another female friend. Is he already onto the next girl? Time will tell, but with Nathan's track record, it wouldn't surprise us in the least. 

Meanwhile, we have a feeling Jenelle is having a field day with this information. After all, she and Jessica never exactly got along -- especially when it came to disagreements about Kaiser. 

Image via Nathan Griffith/Facebook 

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