Ali Fedotowsky's Sweet New Pic Perfectly Sums Up What It's Like to Be a New Mom

Ali Fedotowsky at THE BEVERLY HILTON CELEBRATES 60 YEARS WITH DIAMOND ANNIVERSARY PARTYIt's been about a week since Ali Fedotowsky gave birth to her daughter Molly, and it's pretty obvious she's in baby heaven. Like most new mommies, the 31-year-old Bachelorette star can't get enough of her sweet girl and is taking us along for the ride. Ali's latest photo with her daughter shows their adorable bond that will only grow with time.


Once the lights go dim in the labor and delivery room (or wherever you have your baby), and you somewhat recover from the fact that you birthed a child, every new mom experiences that moment when you lock eyes with your bundle of joy.

This is Ali's moment, and my, is it beautiful.

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As Ali shared on Instagram, "I feel whole. Almost like I was put on this earth because I was always meant to be her mom. I love you Molly Manno."


Becoming a mother truly changes your life forever. It's like everything comes into focus and you feel as if your presence on this earth has more purpose.

Congrats on your beautiful baby girl, Ali! May you two enjoy many more memories together.


Image via Splash News

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