Jordan Rodgers's Reason for Going on 'The Bachelorette' Will Break JoJo's Heart

Since he first caught JoJo Fletcher's eye during The Bachelorette premiere, the other contestants have been super suspicious of Jordan Rodgers and his intentions. But are they actually right to be?! Apparently, Jordan is plotting to become the next Bachelor, and that plot starts with his stint on The Bachelorette


According to a new report from Us Weekly, Rodgers isn't on the show to find love, just fame. Supposedly, since his football career didn't work out, this seemed like an easy path to stardom, and the Bach crew had no idea he may not have the best motives for going on the show. 

But apparently, even though this is all part of Jordan's plot -- something he thought up when it was reported that Caila Quinn was the leading lady -- it all changed as soon as he found out that JoJo got the job instead. 

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As a source close to the former NFL player told the magazine: 

In the beginning, yes, Jordan went on the show for his career. But then it 100 percent switched. He was really into JoJo. He definitely fell in love with her. 

For JoJo's sake, we hope that's true -- even though it totally sucks that he would go on the show to become famous in the first place. She seems super into him, and we think she's been through enough heartbreak without finding out that Jordan's not really into her, after all! 

And if Jordan really did plot to use the show for a rapid rise to fame, we're sure more will come out about it eventually. Doesn't it always? 


Image via Rick Rowell/ABC

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