Farrah Abraham Deems Herself the 'Best Mom in the World'

If there's one thing we'll never have to worry about, it's Farrah Abraham's self-esteem! After the Teen Mom star came under fire for some of her most recent parenting decisions (as per usual), she's fighting back -- and she's managed to hand herself a pretty hefty award in the process. Farrah called herself the "best mom in the world" on Instagram this week, despite what other people are saying about her. 


On Wednesday, Farrah shared a screenshot of a piece written about her in OK magazine, criticizing her for her decision to let Sophia take those super mature bikini photo shoot pictures on the beach a couple of weeks ago. This mama isn't too concerned about what others think, especially since she's sure she's making the right choices for Sophia. 

Farrah wrote: 

This sounds like it should be used for the @badmoms movie... Luckily I'm the best mom in the world & @sophialabraham enjoys hair/makeup/pictures/fashion... Like all of the other children there & parents #realitycheck #proudmom #kidsjustwannahavefun

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We'll agree with her on one good point she's making: It's important that Sophia really does love modeling, because pushing her into something like that without it being Soph's idea is definitely not in her best interest. But then, you have to consider making the right photo choices for someone that little, even if she really does want to be a model, and that's where things get sticky.

We don't doubt Farrah thinks she's doing what's best for her girl, though. It's obvious she loves her tons, but she'd better get used to the criticism. Opinionated fans aren't going anywhere anytime soon!


Image via farrah__abraham/Instagram

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