Jenelle Evans Sparks Pregnancy Rumors That Seem Hard to Deny This Time

Remember when everyone was totally convinced Jenelle Evans was pregnant, only to have her shut the rumors down with bikini pics on Instagram? Now, those rumors are back -- and with a vengeance. More than ever, fans are convinced Jenelle is pregnant with her third child, and even we have to admit there could be some merit to their whispers.


Over the holiday weekend, Jenelle shared some photos of her and her family enjoying the Fourth of July and Kaiser's second birthday ... except there was one thing missing: Jenelle's bottom half. 

Our #JulyFourth selfie. ���

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Suspiciously enough, Jenelle has craftily hidden her stomach in a lot of photos she's taken lately, which could mean that she's trying to keep a baby bump from view. Would it be that crazy if that theory is true? 

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Despite Jenelle's protests against wanting a baby anytime soon, we have to admit she does have a pattern. And now that she and David Eason are so close, we wouldn't be surprised to find out if she did actually have a bun in the oven.

Capitan Babs through the wake zone. #HappyFourth�� ��

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Since Jenelle isn't willing to come clean, we're left to let time do its thing. Eventually, she won't be able to hide the bump -- or the extra kid while filming Teen Mom 2 -- if she's really pregnant. We need answers now!


Image via j_evans1219/Instagram

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