Adam Lind Just Might Be a Married Man

Looks like Chelsea Houska's daughter, Aubree, could be celebrating the marriages of both of her parents (to different people, obvs) this year! Rumor has it that Adam Lind is secretly married to girlfriend Stasia Huber, and he didn't bother to tell anyone! 


As Wetpaint reports, Adam has been spotted on Instagram wearing a very suspicious ring on a very suspicious finger, and since he's not exactly the kind of guy who's super into jewelry, we can deduce that it only means one thing: He and Stasia have tied the knot. Right?! 

Look at this: 

Looks like a wedding ring to us! And since Adam and Stasia have posted stuff in the past that insinuated they were married (or at least engaged), it's not that crazy to think that they might be husband and wife already! 

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And then, of course, there's this photo where Stasia's wearing a shirt that says "wife." Hmm... 

If these two want wedding gifts, they better 'fess up! We're interesting to find out if Aubree has a new stepmom these days -- and how her mom, Chelsea, feels about it. Maybe we'll find out during her next chat with Dr. Drew? 


Image via adamjoelind/Instagram

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