Dr. Drew Shares What He Really Thinks About Farrah Abraham

When you sign on to film your life for Teen Mom, regular on-camera visits with Dr. Drew during the reunion each season are just par for the course. And he's always nice to the ladies (and their babies), but what does the doc really think about them? As it turns out, Dr. Drew wants to strangle Farrah Abraham -- yes, really. 


While appearing on a podcast called Allegedly, Dr. Drew talked about his relationship with Farrah, and how it's changed over the years. The real dirt? If he could strangle any of the Teen Mom stars, it would be her -- he actually said that, guys -- but he went on to clarify his statement.

According to Radar Online, Dr. Drew told the podcast that Farrah is "frustrating," but she's not that bad, and it sounds like she's gotten better as she's gotten older and matured "I like her now," he said. "She's a beautiful woman. She's a woman now. I dealt with her as a teenager." 

But when it came time for Dr. Drew to talk about Farrah's explosive porn career, he was a bit more critical.

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He reportedly told the podcast: 

Yeah [porn is] her job. She has embraced it. It’s what she’s going to do. She doesn’t have other skills or training. She has a mom that encourages to do that stuff. And a dad who’s ambivalent about it and has had a tough time herself. Then, she was led in by people she trusted and feels like she was exploited. She’s trying to navigate the world she lives in. I feel bad for her.

We wonder what Farrah would have to say in response to this? If he's right, we feel bad for her too -- even thought she does seem to have embraced it, like he said. 

This should play out nicely on the next Teen Mom OG reunion. Why do we have a feeling Farrah will have a few choice words for Dr. Drew, despite the fact that most of what he said was really nice? Sigh. 


Image via farrah__abraham/Instagram

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