Farrah Abraham Blasted for Spending 4th of July With Sophia ... Drunk

Another holiday, another Farrah Abraham mishap -- but this time, it could be a serious one. Over the weekend, Farrah shared a drunk video from her Fourth of July festivities, and Sophia was in it. Uh oh! 


In the video -- which Farrah shared on both Snapchat and Instagram -- she's on a boat with friends, celebrating and drinking beer. In fact, one of the captions on her video is "drunk," and in the video's opening, she and Sophia are wishing everyone a happy Fourth while blowing kisses at the camera.

Obviously, Farrah's followers are pissed that she'd be drunk around her own daughter, and can you blame them? There's only one problem: There's no way to know if she was actually drinking with Sophia around.

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Of course, Sophia's in the video, but Farrah's wearing a different outfit when she's posing with her pals (and her booze). And since Sophia's not present in the part where the drinking takes place, it's totally possible that Farrah left Sophia at home when she went out with her friends, which is a lot easier to forgive. 

Plus, Farrah probably has the common sense not to get totally plastered with her little one around ... or so we hope. Make good choices, girl. We don't want to see anything bad happen to Sophia!


Image via farrah__abraham/Instagram

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