Here's Even More Proof That Adam Lind Is Done With 'Teen Mom 2'

He may have finally quit! Adam Lind's days on Teen Mom 2 may be over, after years of his complaining about how he's been portrayed on the show. In this season's reunion special, he even completely clammed up to Dr. Drew, and said that he was only there because of his contract, and he was completely done with MTV.


He may have made good on his word, because it looks like the other dads from the show got together for some filming ... and he was nowhere to be seen. 

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Take a look at this photo of "Guys' night," tweeted by Leah Messer's ex-husband Corey Simms, and see if you notice anyone conspicuously missing.

There's Corey, along with his Teen Mom 2 costars Jo Rivera and Nathan Griffith. Interestingly, Amber Portwood's ex Gary Shirley was there too, making us wonder if there's going to be some sort of crossover happening with Teen Mom OG in the future. 

We're inclined to believe that this is part of filming for season 8, considering there's a camera crew there.

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Adam has been vocal in the past and especially this season about his disdain for the show, and it seemed to come to a head on the season 7 reunion special, where he stonewalled Dr. Drew and refused to answer any of his questions.

Chelsea Houska explained that it was all about money for him, and she was sure he'd be back if MTV offered him enough. Looks like maybe they didn't.


Image via adamjoelind/Instagram

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