19 Badass Movies & TV Shows You Owe It to Yourself to Stream in July (VIDEOS)

Kiarra Sylvester | Jun 29, 2016 TV
19 Badass Movies & TV Shows You Owe It to Yourself to Stream in July (VIDEOS)

Mean Girls, Rachel McAdams and Lindsay Lohan

School is out, and chances are you've got the kids at home for more than a few days this summer. However, with this month's streaming options, you'll be looking at the glass half full in no time. Surely you'll be glad to work from home and watch some of these timeless movies that you'll have access to come July. 

Amazon Prime and Netflix are giving you everything from throwbacks to family fun with their grade-A selections and we're totally stoked about it -- so we know you'll be, too. Nevertheless, scrolling through your queue can be time-consuming and typically leads to your overlooking some good stuff. So we took the time to put together a quick guide of 19 shows and movies you''ll definitely want to stream this month. 


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  • Gilmore Girls


    Yes, Gilmore Girls has been available on Netflix for quite some time now -- but in select locations. As of July 1, Gilmore Girls goes global, and the rest of the world can stream seasons 1 through 7, ultimately hopping on the road to discovery, love, and friendship with Lorelei and Rory. Catch up before Netflix debuts its four 90-minute revival episodes this fall. (We. Cannot. Wait.)

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  • Mean Girls


    Watching Mean Girls? Well, the way I see it, "that's just like the rules of feminism" and a must-see pop culture classic. While I deeply doubt there's a (millennial) soul who hasn't seen this movie, here's the run down: A group of popular girls (Rachel McAdams and co.) take the new girl Cady (Lindsay Lohan) under its wings after she's spent much of her life as a "homeschooled jungle freak." Of course, the new girl Cady has something else in mind for this newfound friendship -- until she gets sidetracked by her popularity power trip. If you haven't already, you should meet the new girl on Netflix on July 1.

  • Beverly Hills Cop


    Classic Eddie Murphy (pre–kiddie character era, that is) plays a cop looking to solve a mysterious murder case after his BFF is killed while visiting Detroit. Despite orders, he continues to investigate the case and finds himself in Beverly Hills. As of July 1, Netflix will stream the original, as well as the sequel to this fan favorite.

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  • Cheaper by the Dozen


    On July 1, you can watch Tom (Steve Martin) and Kate (Bonnie Hunt) navigate life, marriage, and parenthood -- with a dozen children. That information calls for a mic drop, because really, what can you say after that? This is a good movie for family time or even just for a chill night by yourself. Plus, this new Netflix arrival serves as a friendly reminder as to why two kids (or none) is plenty and that good birth control is key. 

  • Back to the Future


    Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) gets sent to the '50s ... by accident. After a run-in with his then–teenage parents that puts the future in jeopardy (i.e., his own existence), it falls on him to save the future before he travels back. If you're still holding on to hope for real-life time travel, you're better off just watching the whole trilogy on Netflix and traveling back in time with Marty McFly come the first of July.

  • Cinderella Man


    On July 1, watch this tale (based on true events) of Jim Braddock (Russell Crowe), desperate to make a comeback after being written off as a retired, washed-up boxer, and his struggle to support his wife (Renee Zellweger) and kids, despite falling on hard times.

    I'm not even a sports person, but there's something about a good sports movie that just gets me all revved up and ready to train for something -- that's why I love that this one's now on Netflix.

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  • Bad Boys II


    Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) and Mike Lawry (Will Smith) are partners in (fighting) crime and best friends, but with their two different lifestyles and personalities they're always bumping heads. However, this time seeing eye-to-eye (while investigating narcotics trafficking) is more difficult when Burnett's sister (Gabrielle Union) comes into the picture. I promise you've never seen Will Smith look hotter than he does wearing his beater with a cop badge -- just see for yourself on Netflix on July 1.

  • The Lovely Bones


    After a young girl, Susie Salmon (Saoirse Ronan), is abducted and murdered, her parents (Mark Wahlberg and Rachel Weisz) hold on to the hope that she might still be alive -- while she watches from heaven holding on to hope that they'll solve the mystery of her death and realize the culprit is closer than anyone would care to believe. If you need a cleansing cry, this chilling film coming to Netflix on July 1 is certainly the quickest route.

  • The Longest Yard


    This remake of the '70s classic features Adam Sandler and Burt Reynolds (who also starred in the original) and comes to Netflix on July 1. It's all about Paul Crewe, a pro football player (played by Sandler) who finds himself in prison after some bad choices. During his prison sentence, his bats**t warden convinces him to create a recreational football team that will ultimately compete against the guards.

    Can't go wrong with Adam Sandler movies ... like EVER. But, having eye candy like Nelly and more comical commentary from Terry Crews certainly helps.

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  • The Painted Veil


    No one is immune to marital issues, but when there was never any love in a relationship, what does one do? For Kitty (Naomi Watts), the solution is an affair -- but after her doctor husband (Edward Norton) finds out about her infidelity, he almost forces her to tag along to a small village where he is set to fight a fatal epidemic. This journey leads to a road of self-discovery for Kitty in a way that's, let's face it, only possible in movies. For hopeless romantics, this film (also available on Netflix on July 1) will have you on the edge of your seat.

  • Rumor Has It


    We all have our family drama -- but find out what happens when Sarah (Jennifer Aniston) discovers that her family drama may be the center of an epic book. If you're looking for something to downplay your own family's dysfunction, turn to Netflix for this flick -- also starring Kevin Costner, Shirley MacLaine, and Mark Ruffalo -- on July 1.

  • Marco Polo (Season 2)


    This series is a Netflix Original -- and if you're into Game of Thrones, then it's your lucky day! While this show takes place in 13th century Mongolia, there appears to be the same dynamics of power, sex, and brutality as there are in Westeros -- and now both the first and second season are available to stream on Netflix. 

    This series is based on the true events of Marco Polo in Kublai Khan's 13th century court. Don't know about you, but for me, that's always a plus -- on July 1 you can get a history lesson and the second season of a fun show all rolled into one. 

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  • Shall We Dance


    John Clark (Richard Gere) doesn't even realize he's looking for something to shake up his mundane life, so when he finds just that in learning how to dance with dance instructor Paulina (Jennifer Lopez), it ends up resuscitating his marriage and his life -- in a way that he never thought possible. 

    Every time I watch this movie, I have a desire to go out and salsa, or just dance -- so if you're looking for a little inspo to get up off your couch, then watch J-Lo dazzle on the dance floor. You, too, can feel alive when this flick (which is a remake of a 1996 Japanese film) comes to Amazon Prime on July 1. 

  • Yours, Mines & Ours


    In the latest version of the 1968 film, Frank (Dennis Quaid) and Helen (Renee Russo) -- a widower and widow -- fall for each other, but that doesn't mean that their children are falling for the idea of this new life that the two suddenly want to build together. With a total of 18 children, the family has a great deal of adjusting to do when the couple decides to marry. 

    Merging households is definitely tough, but this is bound to make you feel better about your one or two stepchildren (or siblings) -- because you know, two is better than ten. Allow this movie to bring you that joy and comfort when it returns to Netflix on July 1. 

  • Twisted


    Jessica Shepard (Ashley Judd) is an officer whose latest case seems to revolve around her and the men from her past -- but the search to find the man who's been killing her former lovers turns bonkers when the person she least expects is the killer. 

    After watching this flick (also starring Samuel L. Jackson), we'll maybe have a little extra motivation to make it to that kickboxing class -- you know, self-defense and whatnot. Tune in starting July 1 on Netflix.

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  • Scooby-Doo


    You're never too old for a little adventure on the mystery van with Scooby, Shaggy (Matthew Lillard), and the gang. This classic is made all the more interesting now that we're adults and pick up on all the little hidden adult commentary -- or just the fact that many believe that Shaggy spent most of his time high. 

    On July 1, watch as the gang heads out to solve its latest mystery at a resort. Things go awry, but rest assured they'll get to the bottom of it. (A little extra incentive to this Netflix newcomer is the ultra throwback dynamic of Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar starring side-by-side.)

  • Pulp Fiction


    This Quentin Tarantino movie is indeed a cult classic of the '90s. Watch as two hitmen -- Vincent (John Travolta) and Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) -- carry out a mission for their boss. The inventive screenplay -- in which their story line is intertwined with that of their boss's wife (Uma Thurman), a boxer, two armed robbers, and more -- is made even better by the film's killer soundtrack. So sit with the cool kids when this classic is available for streaming on Amazon Prime on July 1.

  • Kill Bill: Volumes I and II


    Kill Bill is certainly up there as one of my favorite movies, as Uma Thurman proves to be a total boss. Beatrix Kiddo aka Black Mamba aka "The Bride" (Thurman) is a former assassin who wanted out of her crazy life of crime with former bae, Bill. But Bill isn't with that at all; as a result, he sends some of his best assassins after Beatrix -- and, after their failed attempt, Thurman's character is out for blood. 

    On July 1, both Volume I and Volume II (which is actually quite as good as the first) will be made available on Amazon Prime.

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  • The Boss


    After a childhood of feeling unwanted, Michelle Darnell (Melissa McCarthy) makes a name for herself as an entitled CEO ... until she's busted for insider trading and forced to do some time. Despite her childhood, it's her experience after being released from jail that humbles her. Now you get to watch her rebuild her life, as this film is being streamed on Amazon Prime starting July 12. We pinky promise -- you can't go wrong with McCarthy.

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