19 Badass Movies & TV Shows You Owe It to Yourself to Stream in July (VIDEOS)

Mean Girls, Rachel McAdams and Lindsay Lohan

School is out, and chances are you've got the kids at home for more than a few days this summer. However, with this month's streaming options, you'll be looking at the glass half full in no time. Surely you'll be glad to work from home and watch some of these timeless movies that you'll have access to come July. 


Amazon Prime and Netflix are giving you everything from throwbacks to family fun with their grade-A selections and we're totally stoked about it -- so we know you'll be, too. Nevertheless, scrolling through your queue can be time-consuming and typically leads to your overlooking some good stuff. So we took the time to put together a quick guide of 19 shows and movies you''ll definitely want to stream this month. 


Image via Paramount Pictures

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