3 Couples Agree to Say 'I Do' on 'Bachelor in Paradise' -- OMG!

We've already heard rumors of at least one couple getting engaged on Bachelor in Paradise this season, but now Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss has knocked our socks off by making an even bigger announcement. There will be multiple engagements on Bachelor in Paradise this summer!


We've heard whispers of Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton agreeing to tie the knot (we still think that's a bad idea, by the way), and while Fleiss didn't confirm that they're one of the couples, he did let us know that we can expect more than one guy this season to get down on one knee.

According to Reality Steve, there are going to be three engagements this season, and he has the deets on which couples are pairing off.

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First up, there's Josh and Amanda, who definitely seem like an odd couple, given that he seems like a bit of a jerk, and she's the sweetest person ever. But you never know, maybe she inspires him to be a better man?

Then there's Grant Kemp and Lace Morris, who might have just enough drama each to make it work. He's been trashed by multiple exes, and she got embarrassed on The Bachelor in 2016, but hey -- maybe it will work.

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The third couple is Evan Bass and Carly Waddell, which we did not see coming at all! Carly's been through a couple of relationships in the past year (including being notoriously dumped by Kirk DeWindt on Bachelor in Paradise season 2), but her BFF is Jade Roper, who tied the knot with her BIP costar Tanner Tolbert last January. Maybe lightening can strike twice.

Stranger things have happened.


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