JoJo Sends So Many Guys Home on 'The Bachelorette' We Lost Count

The Bachelorette was rough Monday night, everyone. Between a one-on-one and yet another dreaded two-on-one date, JoJo's men were dropping like flies all night long. And the worst part of it all? She ended up sending home two major fan favorites. 


And since the men on The Bachelorette this season love to create drama amongst themselves, it didn't come as a surprise at all when they immediately started teasing Wells for having not kissing JoJo yet (as everybody else already had) after they found out he scored the one-on-one date. And since he and JoJo had no chemistry, he didn't get the rose, even though he was one of the cutest guys this season. 

Like, seriously. Can we think about this? Wells was beautiful, did not get nearly enough screen time, and hardly spent any time with JoJo. Not a surprise that he got sent home, but maybe she should have given him a second chance? 

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Then, the two-on-one. Every single time, these are incredibly painful to watch, and yet The Bachelorette and The Bachelor keep bringing them back, year after year ... and twice this season alone. This time, Derek and Chase were pitted against each other, and Derek got sent home. Yeah, the guy who looks like Jim from The Office

It's official: JoJo has no taste. Okay, maybe she does, since Luke is still there, but we're going to miss seeing Derek and Wells' beautiful faces every week! 

Fortunately, the bloodbath ended there, because during the rose ceremony JoJo decided she didn't want to let anyone else go this week. Don't worry -- if you were hoping Alex would bite the dust this time, there's always next time! And if not? Well, more drama for us. 


Image via Veronica Gambini/ABC

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