15 Times Jenelle Evans Got Seriously Real on Twitter

Nicole Pomarico | Jun 28, 2016 TV
15 Times Jenelle Evans Got Seriously Real on Twitter

From her very first episode of 16 and Pregnant, if Jenelle Evans has ever been one thing, it's honest. She's never tried to hide how she really feels, even if it will hurt someone's feelings. No matter what, you can always count on Jenelle to be real -- especially on social media. (And we love her for it!)

Jenelle often uses her Twitter to share photos and updates on Jace and Kaiser -- and also to set the record straight. Whether she's defending herself after some bad editing on Teen Mom 2 or she's clearing up rumors, she's always ready with a healthy dose of honesty. Of course, being so candid has gotten her in trouble more than a time or two, but Jenelle doesn't really seem to mind. She's her own person, and she certainly isn't afraid to stand on her own two feet. That being said, it's probably best to try and stay on her good side. (Just sayin'.)

Here are some of our favorite times when Jenelle was almost too real on Twitter. Love her or hate her, you have to admit that sometimes, she's just telling the truth! 


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  • When She Defended Her Choice in Life Jacket


    Jenelle knows what's best for her sons, and she isn't afraid to let everyone else know too. 

  • When She Set Everyone Straight With a Selfie


    Make a note: Jenelle does not need your approval. And in case that wasn't clear enough, this post ought to do it for you.

  • When She Defended Her Weight Gain


    Jenelle is totally right. As long as she's happy and healthy, that's all that really matters.

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  • When She Was So Done With MTV


    She posted this tweet after the second part of the Teen Mom 2 reunion with Dr. Drew aired, and she was clearly not pleased with the way filming went at all. 

  • When She Shared Her Exact Weight


    Nothing says "open book" like sharing your exact weight with all of your Twitter followers! Jenelle is brave.

  • When She Told The Truth About Babs


    Count on Jenelle to clear up what her mom says about her on Teen Mom 2, especially if it's negative.

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  • When She Talked About Her Mystery Illness


    Makes sense -- even if it does seem to be taking over her life as far as the show lets us see.

  • Her Comeback When Someone Said She Wasn't a Real Mom


    What is a "real mom" anyway? Gah.

  • When She Explained What Really Happened at Jace's Derby


    Her mom might have been upset Jenelle was out of town for Jace's derby race, but Jenelle wasted no time proving that she was pretty involved when he made his car. 

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  • When She Explained Misunderstandings Between Her & Her Mom


    That's a huge bummer to hear, but we can't imagine how confusing their situation must be for Jace.

  • When She Shut Down Everyone's Safety Concerns


    Good point: Jace is always safe playing outside with the amount of people who must be at Jenelle's house filming the show.

  • When She Pointed Out How Ridiculous Rumors Are


    She's right -- don't believe everything you read!

  • When She Spoke Out Against MTV


    Yeah, we'd be pretty upset too if that happened to us! 

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  • When She Dropped This Truth Bomb


    She's totally right. We should all take her advice to heart.

  • When She Cleared Up Pregnancy Rumors


    She only had to say she's not pregnant 100 times to get people to believe it, but it's clear she's not expecting -- at least, not right now.

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