'Saved by the Bell' & 11 Other Shows & Films That Inspired Real-Life Restaurants

Saved by the Max, Chicago

As we watch (and watch) copious repeats and streams of our favorite shows, we become so familiar with the casts' hangouts that they start to feel like our own. Don't tell us we're the only ones who find ourselves imagining what it would be like to kick it at the '80s hot spot The Max (where the Saved by the Bell kiddos would hang after school) ... or be just one of the gang at Seinfeld's favorite diner Monk's ... or have a late-night slice of cheesecake with the fab four of the Golden GirlsNo matter what your show was, it seems that they all had one thing in common, and it's that the characters were forever bonding over food.


That's why we went ahead and found 12 bars and restaurants inspired by your (and our) favorite movies and TV shows, from '80s and '90s classics to current must-sees. So while you may not get to have a Sophia (our favorite Golden Girl, of course) to pass down her age-old wisdom, you'll be able to "picture it" just as if she were there. 

Image via Saved by the Max/Facebook

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