Farrah Abraham Shares Pic of Sophia Wearing Full Makeup -- Bring on the Judgment

If there's one Teen Mom who's been criticized for helping her little girl grow up too fast, it's Farrah Abraham, and her latest stunt has Sophia looking like a full-fledged adult at 6. This time, Farrah let Sophia do a mature photo shoot, and it definitely doesn't look like modeling we've seen kids do before.


The proud mom shared a photo of Sophia on Instagram Sunday with a caption all about what an "extraordinary young lady" she is, and a young lady is definitely what she looks like. In the pic, Sophia is submerged in water, looking very serious, and wearing a full face of makeup. 

Although fans are generally really hard on Farrah's parenting choices, this time, we might have to agree with them. This shoot looks super mature for someone Sophia's age, and not like anything we expected when Farrah announced that her mini-me would be breaking into the modeling world.

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We just hope that Farrah's telling the truth about modeling being all Sophia's idea. If she'd rather go be a kid and do kid things instead, she should totally be allowed to! 


Image via farrah__abraham/Instagram

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