Jeremy Calvert Is Stirring Up Serious Pregnancy & Engagement Rumors

Now that Jeremy Calvert and Brooke Wehr have been dating for a while, fans have been wondering when they're going to make things official and tie the knot. But lately, Jeremy is talking babies and engagement on Instagram, so maybe it'll happen sooner than we think? 


He hasn't outright admitted anything about their future plans yet, just alluded to them via a few suspicious posts. 

Exhibit A: Where Jeremy talked about him and Brooke hopefully getting "good news" that day. Good news like a positive pregnancy test? Could be!

Gosh this girl is pretty much amazing in so many ways. Hopefully we get great news today babe @bwehr10

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Of course, good news could mean anything -- pregnancy is just one of the possibilities. But his second post was a little more intentional. 

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Exhibit B: The "honeymoon" post. 

Babe I say honeymoon right here!!!!! @bwehr10

A photo posted by Jeremy Calvert (@jeremylcalvert505) on

So clearly, Jeremy and Brooke are planning on getting married. Now, we have so many questions. Are they already engaged? When are they planning on tying the knot? We need answers ASAP! 

Hopefully, Jeremy isn't just messing with us and will come clean about his intentions soon. If Addie's getting a little sister or brother, we need to know! 


Image via jeremylcalvert505/Instagram

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