Cole DeBoer & Chelsea Houska Add to Their Growing Brood

It's no secret that she wants more kids after she and Cole DeBoer get married this fall, but it looks like Chelsea Houska is already expanding her family -- with another fur baby.


The Teen Mom 2 star posted a few photos of a baby calf, and we can't help but wonder if it's her family's own new farm pet. She already has a pet pig named Pete, so why not a pet cow?

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Check out how cute Aubree is feeding this little baby a bottle!

Happy girly

A photo posted by Chelsea Houska (@chelseahouska) on

So cute! A few days earlier, Chels posted a video of the cutest calf ever being fed, and another one of her and the little guy (gal?).


A video posted by Chelsea Houska (@chelseahouska) on

Best day of my life #petunia

A photo posted by Chelsea Houska (@chelseahouska) on

It's that last caption that makes us think that this baby cow is a new member of the Houska-DeBoer family. We know Chels loves animals (she also has a pug and a Great Dane), but would it really be the "best day" of her life just being able to feed a random baby cow?

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It seems more likely to us that Chels and Cole welcomed this calf into their life, and named her Petunia. And we couldn't be happier for Chels and her beloved #CountryLiving life.


Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

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