Chad Johnson Is Reportedly Worse on 'Bachelor in Paradise' Than 'The Bachelorette'

We were pretty bummed when Chad Johnson got sent home from The Bachelorette. Okay, it's not like he was good for JoJo Fletcher, but at least he was entertaining! Our one consolation: He'll be in paradise this summer! But maybe not for long. Apparently Chad has already gotten kicked off of Bachelor in Paradise ... but is anyone actually surprised? 


And, as you may have guessed, he totally got kicked off for bad behavior. According to The Hollywood Gossip, Chad got a little too drunk in paradise (thanks, Jorge) and started getting rowdy with the other stars. Reportedly, he said a lot of pretty vulgar things, including calling Lace Morris the C-word. What?! 

Yeah, we'd say that kind of behavior definitely warrants his island privileges being revoked, whether or not he makes good TV or not. And since Chris Harrison and co. don't usually stand for disrespect like that, it's not surprising he didn't last too long. 

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And apparently, all this drama went down on Chad's very first night in paradise, so if this is true, it sounds like his time on the show will be pretty short. Boo! 

For some reason, we have a feeling Chad will do just fine without paradise ... especially since he's now apparently dating Robby Hayes's ex, Hope. Plus, after his Bachelor appearances, we're sure there's no shortage of women knocking on his door. What can we say? A lot of ladies out there like a bad boy! Even a bad boy who eats a lot of deli meats. 


Image via realchadjohnson/Instagram

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