Kailyn Lowry Ripped to Shreds for Getting Close to a Male Friend

Can Kailyn Lowry do anything right these days? Not according to her followers on social media! Her latest offense happened when Kail received backlash for talking to a male friend on Instagram. Yes, really. 


It all started when Kail posted a photo from a FaceTime session she had with a male pal recently. From her caption, it seems like they were just catching up. Harmless, right? Maybe not. According to The Hollywood Gossip, Kail's followers didn't take kindly to the post -- even though she very specifically pointed out that he is just a friend.

Fans immediately jumped down Kail's throat, suggesting that the fact that he's a friend doesn't mean anything. If you read the comments on the post, a lot of them are pretty brutal. 

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One commenter wrote, "Poor Javi's side of the bed isn't even cold yet." Yikes!  

If this is the kind of stuff Kail has to put up with when she posts on social media, we have to applaud her. She's pretty strong to deal with that kind of rude criticism every single day -- and that's just the stuff we see. 

Keep your head up, Kail! Eventually the haters will get bored and move on to someone else!


Image via kaillowry/Instagram

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