'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 3's 'It Couple' Is a Hot Mess in the Making

You all know how much we love Bachelor in Paradise around here -- we love the drama, we love the tequila, and we loooove the insane people they pick out to go to the beach. There's no doubt the producers know what they're doing when they cast and film the show, and last year, they let us fall in love with Jade and Tanner's relatively normal relationship to balance out all the crazy happening next door. This season, we expect they'll do it again. And you'll never guess who the Janner couple is going to be, according to Reality Steve: Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray.


WE KNOW. Now scrap your jaws off the floor -- it's time to discuss.

Amanda was on ABC's official list of confirmed cast members, so we know she'll be around. And she seems to be a pretty calm and chill person, so we wouldn't be surprised to see her settle into something quickly.

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But Josh? We don't even know if Josh is going to Paradise. We thought he had sworn off the Bachelor franchise after his disastrous breakup with previous Bachelorette Andi Dorfman, but maybe he changed his mind? Or something??

Also, like ... going to Paradise would mean being separated from his dog. And we have never seen a man more attached to his dog than Josh Murray. Josh Murray is more attached to his dog than Amanda Stanton is to her kids. Probably. 

Look, don't get us wrong: The two would look preeeetty great together. And they both obviously have some strong parental instincts. But isn't Josh kind of an asshole? And isn't Amanda the sweetest person to ever set foot on this planet? 

Can you blame us for being skeptical?


Image via amanda_stantonn/Instagram

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