'Bachelor' Alum Olivia Caridi Dishes on How Manipulative the Show Really Is

If you're as huge a Bachelor fan as we are, chances are you're loving UnREAL now that it's back for season 2 this summer. And while watching the show, it's impossible not to wonder if this is how things really go behind the scenes of The Bachelor, and now, we may have an answer. Show alum Olivia Caridi says UnREAL is just like The Bachelor. Whoa! 


In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Olivia talked about the comparisons being made between the two shows, and it sounds like they're actually pretty similar. Here's what she had to say to the mag: 

Obviously there's a little hyperbole involved in UnREAL. [But] there's a reason Chris Harrison and The Bachelor are bothered by it. It was freaky seeing the comparisons and being like, 'That's what happens.'

She also defended Bachelorette contestant Chad Johnson, which makes sense, since Olivia was also pegged as the villain of her season, too. She says she misses him, and honestly? So do we. He might have been a jerk, but he was an entertaining jerk.

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Oh, and one more nugget of intel she dropped? There's no way she's headed to Bachelor in Paradise this summer. We know, we know -- we're just as bummed as you are. 

She said: 

They wanted me bad, but it’s just not my scene. I couldn’t do it. I just knew what it was going to be. I was going to show up and it’s just attack, attack, attack! I didn’t go to Paradise, because I didn’t want to go to Paradise.

Sounds like reason enough to us! We're glad that Olivia is doing well post-Bachelor, even though we will always miss her remarks about cankles and her wide open mouth. Here's hoping she'll continue to share her insight as The Bachelorette continues! 


Image via oliviacaridi/Instagram

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