Chelsea Houska's Dad Totally Shuts Down Adam Lind

Chelsea Houska's dad, Randy, has never been a big fan of her baby daddy, Adam Lind. But even though Chels and Adam are no longer together, Randy still has a bone to pick with Adam, and he recently lashed out at him in a very public way. After this week's Teen Mom 2 reunion, Randy called out Adam's lies on Twitter, and there are two very different sides to the story Adam's telling.


If you missed the reunion, Adam basically declared that he's done with the show, stating that the money he made from filming wasn't enough to justify how difficult it's made his life. And as the show aired, Randy decided to call our every lie, one by one, on his Twitter. 


The tweets don't make much sense after the show if you weren't reading them as it was on, but it seems like this dad was ready to rip Adam to shreds for the way he's treated Chelsea and Aubree in the past. No holding back for Papa Randy -- not this time! 

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Randy also made mention of something else important: Adam's explanation for missing Aubree's daddy/daughter dance at school. Apparently, it wasn't the day of the competition -- it was because he needed to prep for it.

Oh, Adam. When will you ever learn? It's a good thing that Aubree has Cole, or she'd be set up for a lot of disappointment.

One thing's for sure: If Adam does return to Teen Mom 2 next season, Randy will be on hand to expose him. Do not mess with Chelsea, or you'll have to answer to Papa Randilicious. And he is out for blood! 


Image via paparandilicious/Instagram

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