Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer's Wedding Date Is No Longer a Secret

Even though the MTV cameras won't be present, we're still counting down the days 'til Chelsea Houska marries Cole DeBoer -- and looking forward to the beautiful photos that will inevitably hit the Internet after. But now, thanks to some new intel, more details about Chelsea and Cole's wedding have surfaced ... including the date. 


This week, Radar Online discovered that Chelsea's wedding is being held October 1 in Hartford, South Dakota -- which isn't surprising, since she's been talking about how she wants a fall wedding all along. Also not surprising: the fact that she decided to stay close to home to tie the knot, since we're sure she wants all her family and friends to be able to come. 

Unfortunately, that's all the information Chelsea's registry divulged, unless you're interested in the fact that she wants a very expensive KitchenAid mixer. Although let's be honest: Who didn't register for that exact mixer at some point in their lives? 

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We're still struggling with the idea that the Teen Mom 2 cameras won't be in place to film Chelsea's wedding, but since Cole is such a private person -- and didn't even allow them to film his proposal -- it makes sense that they've decided to keep such a special, important day in their lives private. As much as we are dying to see Aubree as Chelsea's maid of honor, we understand! 

Cameras or not, the wedding is going to be awesome, and we're sure these two lovebirds are so excited to start their life together as husband and wife. From everything we've seen on the show (and Instagram) it seems like Chelsea couldn't have found a more perfect guy to spend her life with! 

P.S. We're totally rooting for Chels to get that mixer. It's a life saver!


Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

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