Bachelor Nation Accuses 'Bachelorette' Producers of Planting Drama

No one here really assumes that the Bachelor franchise is 100 percent genuine 100 percent of the time, right? We mean, c'mon. But even by our standards, last night's In Touch story line was a little fishy -- the gang headed to Uruguay, where they just happened to find a tabloid that just happened to have a spread about our heroine, JoJo, via her sleezy ex and his sleezy rumors about her. It stirred up a bunch of post-Chad drama for the episode, and Bachelor Nation is pretty upset about it.


Twitter lit up like Wells's eyes when he somehow gets a rose again as soon as the tabloid showed up on screen. People were maaaad:

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The question, though, isn't really whether the magazine was planted. It obviously was. The question is whether or not the producers really, actually meant for us to believe that the guys just found it.

We think no. When have there ever been "forgotten" magazines in bathrooms before? When have the contestants ever been allowed to touch the outside world even a little bit? The producers don't care if their plan was totally transparent. That's not the game.

The biggest and best question to ask is this: Did ABC contact JoJo's ex (another asshole named Chad, by the way) and pay him to dish to In Touch back in March when this story first came out (slash when this season was filming)? THAT would be skeezy. Also, hilarious. We wouldn't put it past the producers at this point, tbh.

Anyway, with all that considered, we don't think we should be getting mad about the planted magazine. The Bachelorette is not a pure entity. The producers are just stirring more sh*t into something that was already full of sh*t anyway. It's fine. We can take it.


Image via ABC

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