Chad Johnson Stoops to a Whole New Low After Leaving 'The Bachelorette'

If you thought that just because Chad Johnson exited The Bachelorette this week, his trolling had officially come to an end, think again. He's still finding ways to piss off his former costars, and his latest move might be his worst (or best, depending on how you look at it). Chad might be dating Robby Hayes's ex -- yikes! 


Over the weekend, photos began to surface of Chad hanging out with Robby's ex, Hope Higginbotham, and by "hanging out with," we mean "making out with." And if you follow Chad on Instagram, you probably already know exactly what we're talking about. 

So is Chad just trying to get to Robby, or is this a real relationship that's actually happening? Apparently, it's about more than just making Robby jealous.

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That caption on the photo makes it sound like he genuinely likes her, and for Hope's sake, that better be the truth. If Chad's telling the truth and Robby really did dump her for The Bachelorette, she doesn't deserve that kind of heartbreak twice in a row! 

However, Chad's totally supposed to be joining Bachelor in Paradise this summer, and having a girlfriend could get in the way of that. Here's hoping we find out what's really going on here, soon. And watch out, Hope -- Chad is hilarious, but do we really want to trust a guy who couldn't be left alone without security? 


Image via realchadjohnson/Instagram

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