JoJo's Past Comes Back to Haunt Her on 'The Bachelorette'

What is it with JoJo Fletcher and guys named Chad? Now that she got rid of one on The Bachelorette, she's dealing with another -- and it's the last guy you'd expect. On Monday night's new episode, her ex came back to haunt her (again) and created all kinds of drama for JoJo and her men.


It was just your average episode -- rose ceremonies, dates, you know the drill -- when suddenly, JoJo's dudes got ahold of an article in In Touch where her ex, Chad Rookstool (yes, the same one who sent her flowers on The Bachelor) blabbed all about how they were together again after she got dumped by Ben, and if it wasn't for The Bachelorette, they'd still be together.

What?! Like this girl isn't going through enough -- it's not easy being the Bachelorette, y'all -- let's add in a little drama from the outside world, too. Plus, this magazine never should have made its way into the guys' hands, anyway. Aren't they supposed to be cut off from media during filming? At least, that's what every tell-all book written by a contestant or winner has stated. 

And when JoJo found out about the article and that the guys had read it? She was a mess. It's impossible not to cry when JoJo cries. She was just so sad! 

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Fortunately, JoJo was easily able to explain what happened -- a case of a jealous ex, obviously -- to her guys, and they believed her. But that didn't make the situation any less difficult for her, and so many tears were shed. Don't worry, girl. We all have bad relationships that come back to haunt us. We've all been there! 

Between the stunt he pulled on The Bachelor, trying to get her back, and now this article, it's pretty clear that Chad's just out to claim whatever corner of JoJo's fame he can grasp. Do your thing, JoJo! Pay no attention to guys named Chad. Obviously, they're all trouble.


Image via Rick Rowell/ABC

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