Chelsea Houska May Finally Be Done With 'Teen Mom 2'

Holy drama, Teen Mom 2 fans! Monday night marked the finale for season 7 of the show, and to say that things got awkward between Dr. Drew and some of the stars would be an understatement.


First up was Kailyn Lowry, who had a devastating time on the show this year, between a heartbreaking miscarriage and the breakdown of her marriage that occurred as a result. Javi Marroquin opted to join via Skype instead of in person, as he was serving in the air force overseas when this was filmed, but he made it clear to Dr. Drew that he specifically didn't feel the need to be there, because he wanted to give Kail her space.

It was so sad watching Dr. Drew try to play last-ditch-effort marriage counselor, but it was pretty clear that things were already 100 percent over between these two by then. They said that they were splitting up because Kail doesn't want more kids, and Javi does, but we have a feeling that's just an excuse.

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Hopefully they can make their co-parenting relationship work, because as Kailyn said, "That's a huge reason why I think we're still together. Because Isaac, I mean he calls Javi 'dad.' So yeah, that plays a big factor. I think about my mom ... I probably had about eight stepdads as a kid."

Of course we know now that they have decided to divorce, but it was pretty painful to watch it play out on-screen. We wept into our Wheaties when Kail admitted, "As of right now, no [I don't want to be in this marriage]. I don't feel like we're on the same page. I don't think we have the same goals and views ... He's saying it too late. You wanna change when it's too late."

After that, it was Chelsea Houska's turn in the hot seat, and wowza ... Adam Lind may have been the vocal one about not wanting to continue filming for the show, but Chels didn't really seem like she was that into it either.

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Did anyone else notice her short answers, and the fact that Cole DeBoer was nowhere in sight? At least she had some rational reasoning about everything. She admitted that she's enjoyed being on the show, and so grateful for the effect it has had on raising awareness and lowering teen pregnancy rates ... but she's moving into a more private part of her life now.

Meanwhile, Adam got so belligerent with Dr. Drew that they ended up calling Producer Larry onto the stage, after Adam claimed that MTV was holding him hostage to be on the show. Larry (yes, that Larry from all the drama with Farrah Abraham last season on Teen Mom OG) said that he re-read the texts backstage, and said that he had simply asked Adam to honor his commitments through the end of the season.

And while Chelsea confessed that she feels like some things are between her and Cole, and shouldn't be privy to MTV cameras, Adam flat-out admitted that it's all about money to him. Dr. Drew actually asked him, "Is this show about [the] money?" and Adam said, "Yep."

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Adam claimed to be done forever with the show, but Chels and her dad Randy said that he'd return for the right amount of money. Chelsea didn't make a commitment one way or another, but with her cool attitude regarding Dr. Drew, combined with Cole's lack of appearance on the reunion show, and her insistence that MTV cameras will NOT be at her wedding ... we're just saying that we wouldn't be shocked if she decides that this is the end of her journey on Teen Mom 2.


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