Sean Lowe Admits That He & Catherine Are in Big Financial Trouble


One of the reasons we love Bachelor couple Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici so much is because they're always so open about what's going on in their lives -- the good and the bad. And unfortunately, it sounds like there's been a little bad lately. Recently, Sean revealed that he and Catherine are facing serious financial problems


In a recent blog post for Patheos, Sean admitted that something involving his failed business has come back to haunt him. Apparently, the company that owns his old office space is suing him for breaking his lease -- and although he doesn't disclose the amount, it sounds like it's pretty huge.

He wrote: 

Yesterday, one of my greatest fears had been realized. I was notified that there is a judgment in my name at a price that will absolutely cripple Catherine and me financially. Apparently the company that owns the office I leased sued me for breaking our lease six years ago. It was my understanding, and the understanding of my then lawyer, that the lease was in the company’s name and there would be no personal legal repercussions. And somehow, even though I had two equal partners, I’m the only party listed on the judgment.

Yikes! That doesn't sound good. But fortunately, it sounds like he and Catherine are prepared to make it through anything.

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Later in the post, he added that she's been really supportive of him since he received the bad news, and keeps reminding him that everything will be okay. Seriously, are these two perfect together or what?! 

And there's good news, too -- Wetpaint confirms that the situation has been handled, and Sean himself says that it's "all good now." That's a relief, especially since these two are about to become parents very soon. 

We're glad to hear Sean escaped the situation relatively unscathed. He and Catherine need to focus on getting ready for the arrival of their little one right now!


Image via seanloweksu/Instagram

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