Josh Murray Takes a Huge Dig at Andi Dorfman in New Interview

Since Andi Dorfman's book, It's Not Okay, hit shelves last month, Josh Murray has been dropping subtle disses about her here and there in response to the way she described their relationship. And now, Josh is using interviews to point out what was missing between them, too. In one of his latest, Josh says he needs a "nice girl," and it's clear he's talking about everything Andi is not.


Recently, Josh talked to Glamour while promoting his new show, Famously Single, and not only revealed what he's looking for in a future partner but also seemed to hint that these good qualities were not what he found in Andi on The Bachelorette

Josh told the mag: 

What I definitely need -- and I knew I needed before, but I know now more than ever -- is somebody that is just a nice person. Just nice to people. A loving person who is nice to their family as well and is open to having a family; somebody who loves kids. Somebody who is just sweet, loving, thankful. Honesty is a huge thing. I think that is the basis for any relationship -- just being honest. 

Seems harmless, right? It is -- until you get to the next part of his answer. 

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He then went on to say that he's looking for someone who "doesn't have their own agenda of trying to do something else other than being themselves." Then, he added that he's got to be "very careful" about choosing his next mate. Ouch! 

Being that Andi just accused him of emotional abuse, it's not surprising that he's striking back. But we're taking what he says about her with a grain of salt. He's mad right now, so he's not exactly going to talk about how much he once loved her.

Here's hoping Josh is able to find the right girl -- and that he treats her well. Maybe Famously Single will do the trick?


Image via joshmurray11/Instagram

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