Javi Marroquin Isn't Wasting Any Time Moving on From Kailyn Lowry

Well that was fast. It's only been a few weeks since we learned about this Teen Mom 2 divorce, but it looks like Javi Marroquin has already moved on from Kailyn Lowry.


Javi is apparently back in the states, after a six-month deployment overseas in Qatar for the air force. The tour of duty seemed to be the nail in the coffin of their marriage, after Javi blamed Kail for their devastating miscarriage before he left.

It's rumored that the couple actually split last December, but with Javi being gone and Kail coping with being a single mom to Lincoln and Isaac, on top of a full school load, we weren't expecting either of them to move on quite so quickly.

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However, Javi seems to be convinced that Kail moved on even before they officially split up -- whenever that was. He posted a few cryptic tweets that had scratching our heads. "What's done in the night will show in the light," he wrote. "I'm gonna keep my mouth shut about all these stupid false stories 'cause I'm not gonna bash my son's mother so we'll leave it at that."

He concluded the series of social media posts by tweeting, "All of y'all that looked me in my face and didn't say anything ... Dead to me." What else could that mean but he thinks people kept Kail's infidelity under wraps? It's possible he could be talking about something else, but it seems unlikely.

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Anyway, it looks like he's over it, and ready to mingle with other singles, because as The Hollywood Gossip points out, he's been interacting with another lady, Brooke Wells. Although they could totally bond over their shared passion for CrossFit, it might not be Brooke that he's interested in. Earlier this week, Javi tweeted to Brooke, "Is your sister single tho?!" He also added a heart-eyed emoji, which doesn't sound platonic to us!

As for Kail, it's likely that she's in a relationship with Becky Hayter, so it seems like they've both moved on. Hopefully they'll be able to find peace in their lives so they can be awesome parents to the kids.


Image via MTV

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