Kieffer Delp Makes a Surprising Return to Jenelle Evans's Life

It's been a crazy season for Teen Mom 2, so of course that means that Part 1 of the reunion show was bound to be pretty insane as well. Like the fact that Kieffer Delp apparently made a return to Jenelle Evans's life -- and Nathan Griffith reportedly tried to kill him. Oh, and Barbara Evans joined Tinder to meet a sea captain. Seriously -- you can't make this stuff up.


First up on Dr. Drew's couch were Jenelle and Nathan Griffith, and that was a hot mess and a half. They argued over custody of Kaiser, he called her fat and a drug addict, she said he physically abused her and broke into her house at 4 a.m., he accused her of self-harm and a possible suicide attempt, and it's a miracle we were able to catch all of that because we seriously could not take our eyes off his ponytail.

But we were riveted when Kieffer Delp's name was mentioned, since we haven't seen hide nor hair of him in years. Refresher -- Kief was one of Jenelle's first boyfriends on the series, and he notoriously abandoned her in a house where they were crashing, and she ended up going to jail for trespassing.

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So apparently he's made a return to her life, as Barbara said, for a "one-night visit" with Jenelle. The incident apparently took place after she and Nathan had broken up, but Nathan accused her of cheating on him (please note he actually did cheat on her, but whatevs). Once Nate left the room and was replaced by Babs, she commented, "He's such, like, a liar ... and he's an alcoholic ... He started choking Kieffer so bad he almost, like, killed him, and then Kieffer left the next day and we've never seen Kieffer again."

Nathan tried to kill Kieffer? No wonder they haven't seen him since!

Anyway, things are apparently patched up between Jenelle, Barbara, and her boyfriend David Eason. During this season, David called the cops on Barbara for screaming at the kids at Jenelle's house, and Babs called him the worst boyfriend ever. It's all water under the bridge now though, thanks to dinner, drinks, and an Uber ride home for Barbara. They are still going to court over custody of Jace though, so we're pretty sure more drama will ensue.

And before we leave off on Jenelle and Barbara, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention Barbara's Tinder experience. Dr. Drew asked how she fared on the dating app, and she said that she went on looking for guys with boats, but that all they wanted to do was have sex on the boat, and she didn't want to because it was too fishy. Never change, Babs, never change.

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We also heard from Leah Messer, and things got pretty awkward while talking about her second ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert. Things had seemed like they were going pretty well for the majority of the season for Addie's parents, but apparently they haven't been getting along so well now that Jeremy's dating Brooke Wehr.

Leah admitted that she was still in love with Jeremy until very recently, but she's finally accepted that they're not good for each other. She was definitely not loving his relationship with their daughter either, and admitted that he sometimes goes weeks without seeing the 3-year-old. She also said that Jeremy was laid off because he asked for time to come to the reunion special, but for some reason he was a no-show.

Corey Simms didn't make an appearance in person, but he did join via Skype, and explained that after last season, tensions became too high between him, Leah, and his wife Miranda. Dr. Drew apologized to him, and said that he never meant to put him on the spot, and he actually thinks Corey has been on of the best dads on the Teen Mom franchise, and has repeatedly stepped up to the plate.

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Will we see more of Corey and Miranda next season? Will Jeremy make a better effort to be a good dad? Will Kieffer Delp come back? Will Jenelle and Barbara settle their custody battle over Jace? Will Nathan get rid of that ponytail? Only time will tell. 


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