MTV Producer Fires Back at Jenelle Evans & Leah Messer's 'Bad Editing' Claims

Teen Mom 2 stars Jenelle Evans and Leah Messer have been highly critical of bad editing this season on the show, and apparently the higher-ups at MTV aren't happy about it. Producer Morgan J. Freeman took to Twitter this week and affirm that what we see happening on the show is what happened in real life.


Earlier this spring, Leah slammed MTV for bad editing to make her look like a negligent mom who refused to feed her kids breakfast before taking them to school.

This week, Jenelle was so upset about how she was portrayed that she threatened to quit the show entirely. We were pretty upset too, but not exactly for the same reasons ... her boyfriend David Eason was caught on camera calling one of Jenelle's sons a "little bitch," but we're not sure that's an editing issue so much as a bad life choice in picking a partner issue.

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Anyway, Freeman sent out a series of tweets on Thursday reminding folks that Teen Mom 2 is a documentary, and as such, all they do is document what's happening.

We're pretty sure that MTV didn't script the line for David about referring to Jenelle's son as a little bitch.

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Of course a lot of filming goes into making one 42-minute episode of the show, so we might not get every nuance of a situation, but that's what social media is for. After the breakfast incident, Leah was able to explain to her fans that the girls were actually served breakfast at their school -- they did not go hungry.

As for Jenelle ... well, she threatened to quit the show. Take that with a grain of salt.


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