Jenelle Evans Shuts Down Nathan Griffith After He Calls Her Fat

Nathan Griffith and Jenelle Evans have never had a good relationship, which is why we were jumping for joy when she finally ditched him for good. But he's still trying to get to her, and fortunately, she's not going to take it anymore. Jenelle shut Nathan down after he called her fat, and can you blame her? 


In a sneak peek clip MTV released ahead of the Teen Mom 2 reunion, Nathan and Jenelle sit down with Dr. Drew, and as usual, he has some pretty nasty things to say to her. He lets her know he has no regrets about their relationship ending, because she's "gained like 30 or 40 pounds" since they've been together. Not cool, Nathan. 

And now, Jenelle is fighting back on Twitter, and her response was surprisingly mature. Here's the tweet: 

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Jenelle is making a good point here. What does it matter if she gained weight as long as she's happy? And these days, it definitely seems like she has been -- especially without Nathan. And is it any wonder if this is the way he talked to her when they were together? 

We're sure there will be plenty more fireworks between these two on the reunion -- and not the good kind. Fingers crossed they can work things out for Kaiser's sake. He shouldn't grow up hearing his parents talk about each other this way! 


Image via j_evans1219/Instagram

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