Chris Soules Admits That He Misses Whitney Bischoff

It's been more than a year since Chris Soules broke things off with his Bachelor winner, Whitney Bischoff. But could he have regrets about splitting with his former fiancée? In a new interview, Chris admits he misses Whitney. Aww! 


While talking to Life & Style, Chris revealed that he and Whitney are still friends who talk from time to time, and is it just us, or does it sound like he might still have feelings for her?! 

Chris told the mag, "I miss her. I just care about her. She's a great person."

Sounds like he's ready for a reunion, right? Not so fast! Chris may still be single, but Whitney has been very happily dating a guy named Ricky Angel for a while now, and according to her Instagram posts, it seems like they're really good together.

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Fortunately, it doesn't sound like Chris is too broken up about it, and he doesn't seem to have any regrets about the way their relationship ended, especially since they've remained in what Chris calls a "mutually amicable friendship." And that's a pretty tough thing to do when you used to be engaged! 

There's no hope for these two, but there is hope for Chris. He may not have dated since his relationship with Whitney, but the right girl for him is out there somewhere. Hopefully he meets her soon!


Image via souleschris/Instagram

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