Nathan Griffith Takes a Seriously Low Blow at Jenelle Evans

What a chump! In a sneak peek for next week's Teen Mom 2 reunion show with Dr. Drew, Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith get into it over their son Kaiser and Nate's visitation rights. And then, because Nate is clearly a fine specimen of manhood, he called her fat.



We can't even with this one.  

They started out discussing Nathan's lack of necessities for 23-month-old Kaiser, and Jenelle pointed out that Nathan also only lives in a one-bedroom apartment, and doesn't have a driver's license. You know, things that make it hard for a parent to actually spend any significant amount of time with their child. 

Nate countered that she's basically an unfit mother, because of her medical crisis that she's been dealing with all season. Because for some reason Nate's lawyer cited "painful sex" in the custody papers, Jenelle told him, "I'm sorry if it bothers you if I talk about my sex life. I'm sorry I'm not with you anymore."

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Her ex-fiancé shot back, "I don't want you to be with me. How much [sic] pounds did you gain, you gained like 30 or 40 pounds!"

Just ... wow. Jenelle has clearly not gained any discernible weight, and she's gorgeous. But, you know, good luck to Nathan's current girlfriend, Jessica Henry, because apparently he's not going to want you if you gain a few LBs.

Jenelle took it in stride though, and even addressed the issue on Twitter.

Happy and healthy wins every time. 


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