Kailyn Lowry Sends a Clear Message to Fans About Her Sexuality

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin have only recently been divorced, but it seems like Kail is definitely moving on -- this time, with a woman. After some photos of her looking super couple-y with her friend Becky have appeared on Instagram, fans have been wondering about her sexuality. Now, Kail is finally responding to claims that she's gay, and in the process, she makes an excellent point. 


Since the photos first surfaced over the weekend, fans have been tweeting Kail trying to figure out what's going on, so it's no surprise she's decided to respond. Wouldn't you get frustrated by people questioning you about your love life? So on Tuesday, she decided to clear the air -- as vaguely as possible, of course.

Even though she didn't directly answer the question, she's right. Maybe we should focus less on who Kail is dating and more on how it seems like she's really happy now. Maybe Kail is gay, or maybe she's interested in both men and women, but does it really matter who she loves? 

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We just hope that she's thinking about her next relationship very carefully. Jumping into something before she's ready won't work out well, and we don't want Isaac and Lincoln to suffer because of it! But they deserve to see their mom happy, so if she's found love again, we're happy for her. 

In the meantime, we're keeping our eyes glued to Kail's Instagram for more hints about what's going on. We're curious to see if she's really in a relationship or if she's just messing with us. It wouldn't be the first time! 


Image via kaillowry/Instagram

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