Chad's Two-on-One Date With JoJo Fletcher Goes Far Worse Than We Anticipated

Is it just us, or has JoJo's quest for love totally taken a backseat to all the Chad drama on The Bachelorette lately? Tuesday night's bonus ep of the show only proved that point even more, and don't worry -- the drama is far from over with this guy. Because this week, The Bachelorette pulled out the big guns: the dreaded two-on-one date. 


Yep, producers thought it would be a good idea to put JoJo, Alex, and Chad in the woods together to duke it out. And in a way, it was a good idea, because it made for excellent TV. But not so good because Chad is kind of a scary dude, so it's probably best that there were plenty of camera people -- aka witnesses. 

From start to finish, the whole thing was awkward and cringeworthy, and it went just about exactly as you'd expect it to. Alex spent his one-on-one time with JoJo complaining about Chad, and Chad spent his part of the date trying to explain himself. Let's face it: Neither guy here is doing much for his chances with this lady, violence or not. 

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But none of this was nearly as bad as it got when JoJo sat down in between the two of them and explained her game plan. She still wanted to get to know Alex, but Chad had officially eliminated himself, thanks to his behavior. Solid decision-making, girl. If Chad is willing to threaten guys he just met over a woman he doesn't know very well, imagine what else he's capable of! 

But as two-on-one dates go, one guy must leave and one gets to stay. And honestly, is anyone really surprised that she decided to send Chad home? It had to happen eventually, or it would just be proof that JoJo has seriously bad taste in men.  

And as we could have predicted, ABC left this on a cliffhanger. He may be off the show, but there's even more Chad drama to come. We can't wait to see! 


Image via Rick Rowell/ABC

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