Adam Lind Accused of Doing Something Despicable at a Strip Club

Adam Lind is not winning any Father of the Year awards anytime soon -- this is something we've known and accepted for a long time, although we definitely hope he will change! But his latest mistake has nothing to do with Aubree, and that's probably for the best. Apparently Adam stole a wallet from a strip club, which could land him in some serious trouble.


According to Radar Online, a dancer at South Dakota club Scarlett O'Hara's accused Adam of making off with her wallet just before 3 a.m. Police did not confirm whether or not Adam was actually a suspect, but they did reveal that he's listed on the case.

Even so, the dancer seems pretty convinced that Adam was the one who took it, despite the fact that he even made a big show of trying to help her find it. She told Radar

Adam was at the strip club. We didn't know what happened to it until we looked at the security camera. He stole it, put it in his truck, and pretended to help us find it. 

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Yikes. If there's video footage showing that Adam stole the wallet, we can't see how he can run away from this one -- although we don't doubt he'll try. 

Innocent until proven guilty, right? Except in this case, we totally wouldn't be surprised if he was behind the theft. Adam does have a few mugshots in his past, after all. Here's hoping Aubree hasn't witnessed any behavior like this while she's with her dad. That's not an example she should learn from! 


Image via adamjoelind/Instagram

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