Jenelle Evans May Be Done With 'Teen Mom 2' for Good This Time

She's done this time -- done! Jenelle Evans is threatening to quit Teen Mom 2, after she didn't like the way Monday night's season finale portrayed her. She took to Twitter during the episode last night to blast MTV yet again for their editing, and said that she's debating whether or not to ever put her life on camera again.


The 24-year-old tweeted that she's rethinking letting the MTV cameras back into her life.

It's not the first time Jenelle has been critical of how she's been portrayed on the show. In March, she lamented that MTV had her do a misleading voiceover that made it seem like she was keeping her toddler son Kaiser away from his dad, Nathan Griffith.

She's also taken issue with the fact that they haven't shown what a loving and caring mom she is to 6-year-old Jace, which is especially an issue considering her custody battle with her mom over him.

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Last week, the reality star went on a Twitter rant against the network, claiming that they're deliberately misconstruing what her life is really like. She tweeted, "I'm pretty convinced @MTV constantly wants to make me look like the most horrible mother ever. Doesn't show a damn positive thing for my story."

Jenelle also blamed a new director for making her look bad, saying, "And this season and this upcoming ones were suppose to be really nice and smooth towards the end but of course if @MTV hires a director that judges you, hates you, and wants to make you look out to be bad ... They will do it. They hold all power in the edit room."

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Don't worry, fans! Even if Jenelle decides not to renew her contract with MTV, we doubt she'll be slinking off into the sunset anytime soon. As part of her rant against the edit room, she continued, "You would think they would have shown by now how I've been trying to get Jace back for over a year, or how many great times we've had ... I should start my own show where you guys see no negativity but just positive vibes. #NextProject #YouTubeSeries #GoPro."

We'd watch it.


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