Jenelle Evans Gets Painfully Real With Jace About Why He Doesn't Live With Her

Holy drama, Batman! Monday night's season finale episode of Teen Mom 2 was definitely a doozy, with bombshells dropping all over the place, and of course, emotions ran pretty high for Chelsea Houska, Leah Messer, Kailyn Lowry, and Jenelle Evans.


Let's talk about Jenelle first, shall we? Jenelle has been involved in a years-long custody battle with her mom, Barbara Evans, and things may have finally come to a head in this episode. Jenelle and her boyfriend David Eason refused to drive Jace all the way to Barbara's house after a day at the lake, instead asking her to come pick him up, or at least meet them halfway.

Babs was not happy about their refusal to accommodate her, and she and Jenelle got into a huge screaming match over the phone -- in front of Jace -- and Barbara ending the conversation with, "It'll be a long time in hell before he goes to your house again."

Jenelle then had The Talk with Jace about why he doesn't live with her, and it was heartbreaking. "A long time ago when you were a baby, the judge told me and Meme, since I didn't have a house for me and you to live in, that you had to stay with Meme," she explained. "So, now I have to take Meme back to court to ask the judge if I can have you back." Ugh, we just feel awful for this kid!

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Meanwhile in Delaware, Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin basically ended their marriage on camera. While FaceTiming during Javi's deployment, he admitted that they have no future if she doesn't want to have any more children.

This gem of a gentleman ended the conversation by telling Kail to get the ball rolling on the divorce, because apparently he can't be done with her fast enough. He said, "I'm always gonna resent you, I'm always be mad at you deep down ... Once we decide to get a divorce here, or when we decide to get a divorce when I get home, my dad can move my s--t, and when I get home I don't have to go to that house."

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Leah Messer also had to deal with an ex moving on, as she finally met Jeremy Calvert's girlfriend Brooke Wehr. Given that she and Jeremy were at a flirty dinner just a few episodes ago, news of their relationship took her a bit by surprise. She opted to be okay with it though, and said, "If they're serious then I'm happy for him ... I don't want to disrespect her the way I disrespected Miranda."

Reminder -- Leah and Corey Simms allegedly hooked up after he married Miranda. Yeah, just a bit disrespectful.

The peaceful feeling didn't last long though, as Leah later got word that Jeremy had left their daughter Addie with his mom so that he could run an errand for Brooke's daughter. The West Virginia native lamented, "He needs to stop worrying about someone else's child and worry about his own."

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Finally, some good news, although it still had our jaws on the ground. Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer talked about their first order of business after tying the knot -- and apparently it's making babies.

After the blissful news that Adam Lind's lawyer advised him not to fight the increased child support payments to Chels for Aubree, not to mention getting Cole's wedding ring delivered, the happy couple went out for a date to discuss family planning.

Cole joked that he wanted seven kids, but then admitted three sounded nice. Chelsea was clearly on board, and declared, "You're gonna put a baby in me ... we're gonna make little Colies!"

We seriously can't wait.


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