Cole DeBoer Face Swaps With Chelsea's Daughter Aubree -- It's Too Cute

The parents of Teen Mom have brought us tons of adorable kid/stepparent relationships over the years, but our favorite has to be Chelsea Houska's daughter, Aubree, and Chelsea's fiancé, Cole DeBoer. They're pretty funny together -- especially after their latest selfie. Over the weekend, Aubree and Cole face swapped, and the results are amazing. 


On Sunday, Chelsea posted this to Instagram, explaining that it "totally cracks her up" every time she sees it, and we have to agree with her. How funny is that? Cole's grown-up dude face on Aubree's tiny baby face is just too much. 

Although, to be honest, we really hope that's not what Cole and Chelsea's future kid looks like. No offense to Cole, but that scruff does not look quite cute on a little one. 

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We love that Aubree and Cole have such a close relationship, though, especially when it means we get to see things like this. If you've watched the show this season, you know he steps up where Adam Lind falls short (big-time) and he and Aubree really seem to love each other. 

But just so Chelsea knows, we're going to need more face swaps. This is just too funny! 


Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

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