The Most Popular Reality Shows Around the Country: What's Your State Watching?

Jenny Erikson | Jun 8, 2016 TV

We Americans love our reality TV, as evidenced by the plethora of programming available for our viewing pleasure. From talent-based competitions to folks looking for The One to people getting naked in the wilderness to prove their survival skills, we'll take it all.

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Of course we all have our favorites, so the team over at CableTV analyzed Google trends to see which shows came out on top in each state. (The study found the top three shows in each state, but here we're only including one of each state's faves.)

So, does your state favor Duck Dynasty over Keeping Up With the Kardashians? Or Dance Moms over The Apprentice? Click through to find out what your neighbors are watching.


Image via Discovery Channel

  • 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians'


    Image via Splash News

    TV watchers in California and Arizona are Keeping Up With the Kardashians.


  • 'Project Runway'


    Image via Barbara Nitke/Lifetime

    Residents of Washington, Hawaii, and Massachusetts aren't saying auf wiedersehen to Project Runway anytime soon.

  • 'Sister Wives'


    Image via TLC

    Utah residents can't get enough of the Brown family on Sister Wives.

  • 'The Apprentice'


    Image via NBCUniversal

    The Apprentice has major fans in Idaho, Virginia, Maryland, Connecticut, DC, and Rhode Island.

  • 'The Voice'


    Image via Trae Patton/NBC

    North Dakota can't get enough of The Voice.

  • 'The Bachelor'


    Image via ABC/Matt Dunn

    Folks in Iowa, Minnesota, and Nebraska love The Bachelor.

  • 'Hoarders'


    Image via A&E

    People in Montana, Indiana, New Mexico, Kansas, and Michigan like to get creeped out by Hoarders.

  • 'Naked & Afraid'


    Image via Discovery Channel

    Who thinks Naked and Afraid is the best show on cable? People in Wyoming, Oklahoma, and South Carolina do!

  • 'Duck Dynasty'


    Image via Gurney Productions/A&E

    Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee are keeping up with the Robertsons on Duck Dynasty.

  • 'Dance Moms'


    Image via Richard Knapp/A&E

    Residents of Pennsylvania can't get enough of Dance Moms.

  • 'Dancing With the Stars'


    Image via ABC

    Ohio and Wisconsin prefer Dancing With the Stars.

  • 'America's Next Top Model'


    Image via The CW

    People in Colorado, Maine, Oregon, and Vermont can't get enough of America's Next Top Model.

  • 'America's Got Talent'


    Image via NBC

    West Virginia and Alaska residents love America's Got Talent.

  • 'American Idol'


    Image via Fox

    Folks in Alabama, Missouri, and North Carolina are weeping into their Wheaties seeing American Idol go.

  • 'Shark Tank'


    Image via ABC

    States that love Shark Tank include Texas, New Jersey, Illinois, and Florida.

  • 'Long Island Medium'


    Image via TLC/Hulu

    Delaware residents love Long Island Medium.

  • 'Kate Plus 8'


    Image via TLC

    People in South Dakota can't tear their eyes away from Kate Plus 8.

  • 'RuPaul's Drag Race'


    Image via LogoTV

    New Yorkers know where it's at with RuPaul's Drag Race at number one for reality TV.

  • 'Supernanny'


    Image via Lifetime

    New Hampshire parents must have really well-behaved kids, after picking up tips from Supernanny.

  • 'Pawn Stars'


    Image via History

    Pawn Stars is the star of reality TV for Nevada residents.

  • 'Love & Hip Hop'


    Image via VH1

    Georgia residents are in love with Love and Hip Hop.

  • '19 Kids & Counting'


    Image via TLC

    Folks in Kentucky can't get enough of the Duggars on 19 Kids and Counting.