Nathan Griffith Tried to Skip Out on Child Support Payments to Jenelle Evans

Just when we thought Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith had finally reached an agreement in their custody battle over Kaiser, now, everything has changed. Apparently, Nathan is trying to get out of his child support payments to Jenelle, but the judge says he's out of luck on that one.


According to Radar Online, Jenelle and Nathan went back to court on Thursday, where Nathan tried to change his child support payments to just $100 per month -- what?! Even if you've never had to deal with custody issues before, you know that's kind of a ridiculous number. And needless to say, Nathan did not get his wish.

After the hearing, Jenelle filled Radar in on what the judge ruled. And as Kaiser's mom herself tells it: 

He has to pay $311 plus child support payments from back when I filed which is March, April, May, and June. So the payments will be $311 plus $50 to pay back for those three months. 

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And Jenelle also filled the site in on what Nathan's doing these days, and it doesn't sound good. Apparently he moved back in with his mom and is no longer in school. Yikes! We wonder what happened? 

We're glad to hear that Nathan is being held responsible for his part of Kaiser's expenses. Raising a kid is no joke, and it gets expensive -- especially when they're as young as his son. Here's hoping he catches up with those payments!


Image via j_evans1219/Instagram

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